My philosophy of the integration of technology in education follows key and guiding principles to ensure success and achievement for all students. As our society keeps evolving it is important that we are preparing students to become ready for the 21st century. Our current students will have brand new career opportunities that may not have existed before. Therefore, technology must be embedded throughout teaching, and be used as a vehicle for authentic learning experiences.

As an employee of South East Cornerstone Public School Division, I believe that technology plays a significant role in our vision statement, “Success and Achievement for Every Student in Every School”, as well as our guiding principles. Development of the Whole Person, Celebration of Success, Working Together for Success, Participation, Responsibility, Effective Leadership, Growth and Innovation, All Students will Learn, Success for All, and Commitment to Be Your Best.

Development of the whole person. in today’s society technology is part of the daily life of our students.  It is important that responsible technology use is taught. Furthermore, technology has a clear connection to the social development of students through communication with others, as well as the academic development and using technology as a vehicle to provide authentic learning experiences.

Celebration of success. through my use of technology I am able to use Seesaw to acknowledge success and have a culture of celebration extending to my students’ families. I believe if students are proud of their achievements, and are able to share there successes with people who care about them. As a result, motivating themselves to become more successful.

Participation. as technology can provide ways for students to participate in non-risk ways. Students who are quiet and do not like sharing out loud, may find it more beneficial to share their learning through the use of technology.

Responsibility. as educators we need to use technology appropriately.  We need to, in turn, teach students how to use technology, and communicate with technology responsibly.

Effective leadership. technology can foster effective leadership as it provides opportunities for us as teachers to be leaders for students with the use of technology. Many people are reluctant to use technology in their teaching. I believe that with proper support, patience, and open minds I would be able to support others in using technology in their classrooms.

Growth and Innovation. as an educator I believe that creating authentic learning experiences, and providing opportunities for inquiry based learning, including STEM activities students will be able to be innovative, engaged, and fostering further growth.

All students will learn. I believe that we have the resources and opportunities for students to be successful. Using technology I am able to differentiate and adapt lessons for students in order to meet the needs of the classroom.

Commitment to Be Your Best. Technology is something I have a passion for.  I believe that through applying new technology in our classrooms we are going to engage students more effectively.  I will continue to be an advocate for responsible technology use.  Teaching this in the classroom will be a profound skill that students will be able to apply to their lives daily outside of school, to become responsible digital citizens.