Reflection Seven: Golden Ball

Today I taught a physical education lesson. I must say that it went much better then my first physical education lesson. That being said I believe that my lesson could have been a lot better. The students have physical education right after recess, however it was an indoor recess and as a result some of the students we unable to blow off some of the steam during their recess. After recess I got the students settled down after some time and we moved down to the gym. I had the students warm up with some dynamic stretches, while I went and got the materials.

I then began to go over the directions for the activity. Giving directions this week was very easy because they were able to easily relate the game to another game they play called hoops. The students got organized and then I divided them into teams. I had the students partner up and had one partner standing and one partner sitting. I then put the standing players on one side and the sitting players on the other. I then received lots of moans and groans for “tricking them” and also received the comment “Why do you gotta play me like that!” Tammy thought it was pretty hysterical.

One of the main challenges that I found based on my lesson is the physical space that the gym is in. It is very hard for the students to move around freely in such a tight space. I also faced some discipline issues with one of the boys acting rough and not respecting person space. I called the individual over and gave him the option “act appropriately or you can sit down and watch”. He chose to sit down and watch.

I now wish that I would have chose a different target for this week. My target was on questioning and asking good questions. I wanted to make sure my questions were inspiring multiple answers. This target probably was not the best for this lesson because I only asked questions at the end of the class. I feel as this target would be more effective if I was asking questions throughout the entire class.

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