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Painting with Curtis is a new title for which I am calling this project.  I am working hard at attempting various landscape paintings.  I have recently finished another landscape painting and had another one hung on the fireplace mantle at my mother’s house.  After my experience of the first painting, I had decided to do a painting through another tutorial by  Allison Prior.  If you are thinking about painting, she is a great art teacher.  With broken up 10-step videos it is very easy to replay the videos.

Here is what my mother has named Priceless Artwork by Curtis, on display above the fireplace at my house.

IMG_0018However, I am now almost half way done my semester goal of eight paintings.  My most recent completed painting has taken me the longest.  I think I have spent roughly 4 hours on this one following Prior’s videos. In this painting, I wanted to try to brighten things up and add some colour.  I want to attempt to try a bunch of various scenes.  I so far have completed a water scene, a nighttime tree line, and just finished the sunset country scene.  Snapchat-451535744142607535

On my recent painting above I am happy with how the clouds and tree turned out.  It was very difficult to get the trees in the background to get them the way I wanted. However, I really enjoyed the blending of paint in this one.  Using blue, red, and yellow for the sunset.  One of my future paintings, I want to complete sunset painting with a waterfall, and mountains in the background.  However, I believe it will be a big jump for me to get away from the tutorials and for me to complete my own paintings without the tutorials. That is going to be my goal.

If anyone is wondering how I paint something in my paintings leave a comment, I will set aside a quick tutorial on how I completed it using the strategies that Allison Prior uses.



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