Feedly? What’s That?

Feedly, must be a site for recipes. Nope! When we were asked to download a RSS reader, Feedly was recommended to us.  Feedly allows me to save sources of education-related material, video game material, news articles, all in one site. Wow, what a deal!  But here is the trouble, I need to find credible sources of information to read on Feedly.  I did some searching added the must haves, Edutopia and TED Education. As well as a couple other blogs that I thought looked interesting, TeachThought, Free Technology for Teachers, The Cool Cat Teacher Blog, as well as some sources to feed my video game addition.  To find some of these sources I perused around Twitter to find some of these blogs.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.28.04 PM

One of my favourite posts that I came across was Equity vs. Equality: 6 Steps Towards Equity.  This article reinforces the idea of “giving each student access to the resources they need to learn and thrive”.  It is a good reminder for first year teachers that it goal is not for our students to be equal.  In order to create an inclusive classroom we need to take the steps in order to create equity.

How are you going to take steps towards equity in your classroom?



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