Classroom Management Response

In the articles “The Great Respect Deception” & “ Inner-Ninja: Using ClassDojo for Classroom Management” have given me guidelines and options for classroom management in the classroom.

I think the Edutopia article talks about some very good points. I think that our classrooms do glorify the idea that we only have simple rules in the classroom. In turn the point is made that most of these rules aren’t rules at all, but they are just values. I think that often most teachers will try to combine these values and create rules for the classroom, but as Curwin states, “Values explain the why of behaviour, and the rules explain the what.” I think as educators it is important that we combine these rules and values to create a classroom where there is are detailed rules so that students know when the line will be crossed. Having these rules in the classroom will enforce classroom management and will help students guide their learning to stay more focused on their school work.

Classdojo is a resource that supports gamification in the classroom. I think that it can be used beneficially in a variety of classrooms. I see it as an option as in “all else fails situation” because I don’t believe that bribing students with points is necessarily the right option. This is because not often to people in the outside world get points for performing good behaviour. Most of the time proper behaviour in the real world is just expected. On the other hand, I feel that it would be very effective having students be informed of when their points are getting taken away. Or it will give them a boost in confidence if they get a point. I think that it would be a great way to enforce classroom management in the classroom, however this method is not for me.

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