Final Reflection: My Experience at Davin

The pre-internship experience has been one of the best opportunities (if not the best opportunity), that I have experienced thus fair in my education schooling. The experiences that I have gained from my time at Davin have reassured me that this is the direction I want to go. I have learned a lot from Mrs. Schapansky. I feel as I have grown as an educator in the short 8 days I have been in the classroom. I have learned a lot about lesson planning, classroom management and a variety of resources that I can use in the classroom. As well as focused on goals that I thought needed improvement.

At the beginning of pre-internship I thought about some areas in teaching that I would experience some troubles with. My first goal was how many times I say “um”.   Throughout the semester I focused one target specifically for communication and saying um. I recognized that this is a fairly bad habit. I tried to watch myself over the course of the semester. Although I did not come out as perfect, I think that great improvement was made on this goal throughout the semester.

As my second goal I had was to observe classroom management. I struggled in classroom management in the beginning especially the first day when I was teaching physical education. I think that the students were trying to push my buttons to see how much they could get away with as me as a teacher. I learned many different ways to keep control in the classroom. The main use of classroom management that Natalie uses is effective grouping, a seating plan, and use of attention getters. Natalie will say “class, class” and the students will respond, “Yes, yes”. I found this effective, once that Natalie started using this the students caught on really fast and were able to pay attention. In my lesson I tried to use a couple different attention getters including my “Sharkbait”, and “Ooo Ha Ha”. However, I did not find this completely as effective as Natalie’s simple and effective “Class, Class” saying.

My third goal of staying calm and not getting jumpy, and making sure my voice projects clearly was met. In the beginning of teaching my lesson I always was a little bit nervous on whether the students were going to like my lesson or if they were going to think it was ridiculous. However, I was able to keep them on task most of the time. I tried to do my best to make their learning relevant to them. This is noticeable in my digital footprint lesson. I thought that the students really enjoyed this lesson because it dealt with technology, which I found out is a major interest to these students. I tried to differentiate for my students to help them be more engaged in my lesson by providing them opportunities to pick what activity they wanted to do. I wanted to make sure that my voice was able to project and that the students could hear me clearly. Tammy and Natalie told me that I have a great voice and that I am able to circulate the classroom really well. On another note, I was able to stay calm, and lower the nerves when I was actually up teaching and started doing my lesson.

Overall, my placement was a major milestone I have accomplished on my way to becoming a teacher. I loved the opportunity I had to be able to make relationships with the students in the class, as well as help the students when they needed some one on one time, or simply answering questions whenever it was needed. I feel like I will have to come back to Davin before March, because of the amazing opportunity that I had with these great group of kids.

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