What is a Community? (A response to “Building Community from Chaos”)

A community is…

  • forged out of struggle
  • about showing empathy
  • when students get inside the lives of others in history, literature, or down the hallway
  • having to share our own experiences, to show each other empathy.  Sharing provides openings, those openings make the class a community.
  • when students struggle together to reach a common goal.
  • helping students excavate and reflect on personal experiences, connecting it to the world of language, literature and society.

Empathy is key in a community.  Jim’s poem was powerful and goes to show how quick we are to judge people.  We are all guilty of jumping to conclusions.

The following commercial shows us how quick we are to jump to conclusions.


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    Great post, Curtis! I think that as future educators who are in a class teaching about social justice, we often do not want to believe that we too jump to these sorts of conclusions. However, in order to teach in a socially just manner we need to realize that we do jump to conclusions the same as everyone else, and reflect on why that is in order to change it.

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