Weyburn Anti-Gay Rally on April 11-12

Today I have a rant. For those of you who do not know my hometown of Weyburn is hosting the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Rally on April 11-12, 2014.  As a part of the agenda there are going to be a variety of different speakers focusing on a variety of topics.  The issue is that they have also invited Peter LaBarbera, a man who is said to be anti-gay.  As the president of Americans For Truth he has been researching the impact of the homosexual agenda in America.  This has become a major issue in our city.  I am quite shocked that OUR city counsel has granted the  group $1,000 to host the conference in Weyburn (The Opportunity City) to allow this homophobic man to spew hate on this the LBGTQ people in our community.  LaBarbera says he opposes homosexuality on a moral basis.  LaBarbera has a lot of hate behind his message, as a result many citizens of Weyburn are protesting against LaBarbera and the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Convention hoping that he will be dropped from the roster.

I find LaBarbera’s message very problematic because of the hatred he is directing towards the LBGT community.  He may defend that he has the right of free speech, but here is Canada you CANNOT direct hatred on towards another group of people as this is illegal.  In Canada as this is hate speech, and hate speech comes above the right of freedom of speech.

LaBarbera claims to be a Christian preaching to what the Bible has taught him. LaBarbera says he doesn’t hate anyone, including homosexuals, but says he does believe homosexuality is wrong and the behaviour can be changed.  He says, “We believe lifelong monogamous heterosexual marriage is God’s plan for our life and that human beings are healthier and happier when they incorporate those values into their relationships”.


I believe in the Christian way of life, but who are you to say if you are unhealthy and unhappy to live in a relationship outside the norm of society besides yourself?  Who are you to judge others on how they want to life their life?  In the faculty of education at the University of Regina we focus on the idea that everyone is equal, every one should be represented in our schools, and also in society.  I just find this shocking how people can support the hate on another group of people.

I wish that LaBarbera would have paid attention to Pope Francis’s comment on homosexuality, “Who am I to judge”.   As well as just recently stating that the church might explore the possibility of civil unions for gays and lesbians.  “The pope’s attitude towards the topic of homosexuality earned him the ‘Person of the Year’ accolade in The Advocate, a U.S. gay magazine last year.”

To end my rant, I just wanted others to be aware of what is going on around us.  If any others want to sign this petition to tell Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association to rescind their decision to include Peter LaBarbera from the provincial convention held in Weyburn, Saskatchewan on April 11-12, 2014, you can find the petition on the bottom of the post.


Thank you, rant over.




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