How might the changing nature of learning and the increased prevalence of technology be related to social justice and anti-oppressive education? What is made possible/impossible by these tools and this type of learning?

As teachers we can link the use of technology with social justice and anti-oppressive eduction.  With advancement of technology we are able to open the doors to anywhere in the world.  For example, we are able to examine the LBGT issue in Russia during the Olympics without being there, we are able to discuss these issues on twitter with others.  These tools have allowed us to connect to many different people across the world.

Students are able to use technology in all their classes.  Students are able to show creativity in a variety of ways, technology has also allowed students to express themselves in easier ways then in the past.  For example, it is much easier to record voice recordings and videos and upload them to the internet then it was in the past.  Students are able to connect to other classrooms around the world.  I think this is amazing because we are able to witness another classroom in a different country or different province.  Technology has linked all corners of the earth together.  As teachers we are able to share ideas and lesson plans and develop our personal learning networks.

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