Standardized Testing

The use of standardized testing to me is a very unfair way to test students on academic achievement.  This is because of the variety of ways students learn.  Teacher Joe will teach the curriculum different than teacher Bob.  As a result the students will have different results because of the many different styles the teachers teach in.  multiple-choice-cartoon

Their is a few things that I find concerning about standardized testing.  As Dr. Marc Spooner and Paul Orlowski state in the article “Standardized testing (almost) comes to Saskatchwan“, 

  • Standardized testing diverts teaching time and monetary resources away from student supports, teachable moments, and direct teacher-student contact time.
  • They are culturally biased, and biased against those for whom reading and/or English is a challenge.
  • Often induce a unhealthy anxiety in students.
  • Teachers will teach to the test. 

As a result standardized testing and standardized curriculum takes away the idea of having authentic real world learning experiences being taught in the class.  We cannot talk about what is currently happening in the world and have them be tested on relevant, current topics important in today’s society.  Standardized testing will make for social justice teaching to be much more difficult.


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    Agreed, with standardized tests it would be nearly impossible to impart the importance of social justice to our students. It would also reinforce the ways of old and not allow us or education to grow naturally. I think standardized testing should become obsolete in today’s society as they are based on arbitrary facts not relevant to meaningful instruction. With technology providing information at everyone’s fingertips we are moving away from teaching facts and now moving towards teaching the processes with critical thinkers. If info is readily available to our students then memorization is a thing of the past and now more inclusive and abstract assignments are being incorporated in the classroom. I would ask why do people hold on to the past and fear what they do not know? They should just google it and be at ease

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    I really liked your post. I also believe that standardized testing is an unnecessary way to test students knowledge. As you have listed concerns with what is wrong with standardized testing, however, as provinces such as SK so recently have discussed putting standardized testing into place, do you have a plan/ idea of how to move away from standardized testing? / get others to rally against it?

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      I think it all comes down to awareness, we have to show and explain our side of the story. We need to inform the public of the dangers of standardized testing. There are many statistics out there that show the negative side of standardized testing and I think as future educators we have to make these reasons known.

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