What is an Alternative School

    The Cornwall Alternative School is alternative because it only deals with students who are not being successful in other school setting.  Being 95% of the school population being First Nations I think students in this learning environment will have an impact as to try to include First Nations culture everyday in the classroom.  Students have said that they have had positive learning experiences from this school because of the fact that teachers make personal relationships with the students.  The school places emphasis on the student must be completing work, attending school, and be behaving well to be a good student.  This is evident because the students attend CAS if they have these three issues.  The students also have to sign a contract dealing with such problems.


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    Love your mindmap! Cornwall is well-known for giving students another chance & helping them to be successful. It helps them to know “it’s okay to make mistakes’ & let’s learn and move on. Neat place.

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