Kumashiro’s Three Images of a Good Teacher

There are three different types of images of being a good teacher.  Teachers as practitioners, teachers as researchers, and teachers as professionals.  I would say the image of teacher as a researcher describes my experience of learning to be a teacher.  As a future teacher we are continuing to broaden our knowledge of the social justice issues that our society is facing.

The education program at the University of Regina challenges us and our thinking to become open minded about different social issues.  I have noticed that the University of Regina prepares their students to learn about young students, how they develop and how they learn.  I continue to learn methods to see how young students learn.  Especially in my EPSY217 class we have studied the multiple intelligences of our students.  I recommend that people read You’re Smarter Than You Think: A Kid’s Guide to Multiple Intelligences because the book shows the different learning styles of young students.  I also believe the program teaches us how to teach both methods of classroom management and instruction in the different disciplines.  For example, in EPSY217, we are learning the importance of using fidgets in our class to help kids stay on topic.  In EMTH217 we also learn the importance of the teaching the disciplines and strategies used to teach math.  In this class Rick Seaman taught us the Van Heile levels, as a way to introduce new concepts and to continue to grow and develop off other concepts.

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    Curtis, excellent points in this blog. I agree that understanding the multiple intelligences is vital for the success of all teachers. As no two students are the same, this will be really benificial for everyone!

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