Claire Kreuger’s Presentation

Claire brought up and addressed many points in her presentation of how to incorporate First Nations content into the classrooms.  There are three reasons why we have to include Treaty Education.

  1. Its our job.
  2. Students value it.
  3. Its about making relationships

She also said how it is difficult to teach and to begin because Treaty Education is not inline with the curriculum, not on the report card, there is few resources and many teachers are uneasy when it comes to teaching Treaty Education.  We must find resources and follow the Treaty Education outcomes and indicators to be successful.

I learned four things in particular from the lecture based on Claire’s “4 mistakes”,

  1. Important to realize that all First Nations cultures are not the same.
  2. Don’t teach what you don’t know
  3. Don’t tell other people’s stories
  4. “We agreed to share the land not give up our land.”

Claire’s presentation was inspiring to me because I found her students’ work astounding.  The students were able to use iPads to aid their learning by creating videos, songs, podcasts, stop motion, and she also allowed for choice in her teaching.

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