Reflection Six: Digital Footprint

Throughout my time in the classroom today has been the best day I have had. Despite me having my lesson plan go through my head all night resulting in myself receiving a subpar sleep. I hope this goes away with time. Despite my terrible sleep, my co-op teacher said I did a great job on my lesson and it was probably my best lesson yet.

I started off my lesson by teaching the grade 8s when I, the teacher, says “Sharkbait”, the students have to reply in a deep voice “Ooo Ha ha!”, (from Finding Nemo) I not only made my co-op teacher laugh, but the students also really enjoyed that as well. Today we focused on digital footprint and Internet safety. I opened the class with talking about what it means to be a digital citizen and showing a video on what a digital footprint is. The students were all engaged in my lesson. In my development portion of my lesson students were to look over the online information of two fictional characters, and choose the best person to host the TV show based on their honestly and how they work with others. After the groups have decided on who they would hire for their host position they had to explain to the class their choice and why. The catch is neither of the candidates would be well suited for the job as they both have some fairly bad negative qualities. This was going to be the shocking trick in my lesson, but one of the groups beat me to it and told the class that neither Jason and Linda should get the job because, I quote, “they are both terrible human beings.”

In my closure I had an awesome rap video that deals with oversharing in social media. The kids loved this rap song as it really related to them. My co-op also loved the rap video. The only major negative thing today I would have to say would be my time management. I thought that my lesson would take 50 minutes to an hour, but it took an hour and a half.

Today I think I have decided that I am really glad I choose to follow a career in teaching because of the relationship building that is being made between teacher and student. It is great knowing that I will be doing something I enjoy everyday. Its hard to believe I only have two Wednesdays left in the classroom until March.

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