Reflection Five: Cyberbullying

My cyberbullying lesson went over very well on Wednesday. Students were engaged and I feel as the management target for the week was met for the most part. I decided to use the give me five method and the students responded very well to it.   My lesson I found was fairly easy to plan. I am interested in technology so it made it easy for me to plan something that I like. To hook my students I wanted them to tell me what the positive and negatives of technology were. I also asked what social media sites they used. The students really got into it and had me writing like crazy.

I put my students into groups; the students were to analyze cyberbullying case studies. In their groups they had to tell me what the situation was, how to fix the situation, what a bystander could do, and whom the victim could approach. I think that many of the students liked looking at these case studies because I based them around their own interests and tried to make them as real as possible. To be honest I hated doing case studies in school, so I tried to avoid it as much as possible. I’m glad I didn’t because many of the students were engaged. I plan on continuing on with this lesson focusing on digital identity and digital footprint next week.

One thing I would continue to work on is my classroom management techniques. The give me five technique worked all right for the first half of the class, and then I began to lose the students. What are other teachers using for attention getters that I can try in the classroom?

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    I am putting a lot of miles on circulating the classroom. I find that the more I am moving the more they seem to stay on task. Besides that I think that you will have to wait until relationships are better developed and then you will be able to see what works for both individuals/group management skills. Trial and error…

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