Reflection Eight: The Giving Tree

Today was my last Wednesday at Davin Elementary School. I must say that it was a lot of fun to go and hang out with all the kids. I will definitely miss going to school every Wednesday to hang out with the kids.

Today I decided to do a lesson on The Giving Tree. My target was questioning, and my main goal was to give the students prompting questions if I thought they were struggling to find the answers to my questions about the story, we dove into the meaning, metaphors and themes in the story. Throughout my entire lesson I feel as my students really enjoyed the activity and my videos that I showed the students. Some things that went well in my lesson include the differentiation that I included. I decided to allow the students to pick between two different activities. They could write me two paragraphs based on how they are giving, and how you could give to others in the future. Or they could draw their giving tree and put examples of non-materialistic gifts and materialistic gifts that they have given creatively on their tree, as well as ways that they can give in the future.

Some struggles with that I had with this lesson is focusing on one main goal connected directly to the outcome. I feel as I needed to break down the lesson into two lessons. For example, I would create one strictly focusing on the English language arts components, and another lesson focusing on the health component of giving and why giving is important.

Overall I had an awesome experience at Davin School. I have gained many relationships with the students. Working with my co-op teacher Mrs. Schapansky is very rewarding she has gave me excellent feedback that I am able to carry with me into my three-week block. I must say every Wednesday has allowed me to put the knowledge I have learned in class to use and I can begin to see some practicality in what we are learning. I am very excited to go back and continue with my learning in March, however, I feel as I will be stopping by Davin throughout my next semester to get additional teaching practice before my three-week block.

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