What You Missed at #EdcampYQR

Today was my first day of experiencing Edcamp.  For those of you who do not know what Edcamp is, it is a PD event for teachers by teachers.  Teachers are able to express what they want PD on.  For example, Minecraft in the classroom, Genius hour, or classroom management and establishing a routine.  Through edcamp, I am able to network with teachers out in the field, and continue to develop my PLN.

My first experience of Edcamp was great.  I attended four 30 minute sessions that consisted of an education session on improv. in the classroom, a project-based learning session, Google Apps for Education (GAFE), and a session on Genius Hour.

Improvisation… my original thoughts, great… Something I’m not comfortable with, and I am going to embarrass myself.   However, Cam taught us the connections to Improv. and to teaching.  He focused on the idea that it is okay to fail.  Something that our students struggle to wrap their minds around.  He introduced us to three games, an introduction game in which we had to introduce ourselves to each other, in various ways.  One of which was “pretend you have just seen your best friend and do your special handshake”.  Other games we played was the “1”.  This game requires two partners, one partner saying “three”, other saying “two”, partner one say “one”.  This is an example of the game that we played.  We also played a “one word at a time story”.  These are great ways to introduce improve into the classroom.  Really felt like an episode of “Whose Line is it Anyway”.


The second session of Project-based learning Aaron Warner shared with us his experience and how to implement project-based learning the classroom.  He talked about how project-based learning differs from traditionally based learning with the following diagram.  project-based-learning-versus-doing-projects

He also shared with us some of the books that new teachers and pre-service teachers should check out.  One of which is Teach Like a Pirate and the other is Learn Like a Pirate.

My third session on GAFE focused on Google Classroom, and Google forms.  Through these apps, teachers are able to create a nice set up that students can receive feedback, and provides a nice hub for teachers to access.  Google Classroom is something that I have been interested in learning more about.



The fourth and last section on Genius Hour was excellent.  As a new teacher, it was important for me to understand how to structure genius hour in the classroom.  I learned that it is important that you begin by thinking of what you want your students to achieve. Example, being maybe public speaking skills.  Kirk told us to divide Genius Hour into 6-week sections.  Students will be able to choose whatever they want to learn about.  Gradually work it down to a skill.  Such as playing the guitar, learning to paint, cook, etc.  Genius Hour is about working towards developing that passion.

Overall, Edcamp was a great place for myself as a preservice teacher to expand on resources and participate in a meaningful discussion on education.

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    Thanks for posting this Curtis! I was bummed I had to miss it, so it was nice to experience it vicariously through you. I’ll have to catch the next one.

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