Landscape Painting, The Waterfall


This is my first painting following a tutorial on YouTube, I was very impressed with the result.  I found a fairly detailed painting by artist Allison Prior. At first I thought I was a bit ambitious because I thought the painting looked so difficult.  However, following Allison Prior’s videos was a great aid because she took the time to tell you what brushes to use, as well as how to use different techniques in creating the different elements of the piece.

A couple of things I am really proud of in the piece include the bottom half of the canvas.  The rocks and the the detailed water below the waterfall I believe turned out very well.  Something that I am not impressed with is how the rocks and the water turned out above the waterfall.  I feel as I tried to overcorrect myself with this painting and it just didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.  However, for my first “painting” (where I somewhat know what I’m doing) I think it turned out pretty good.  Overall I think I spend, two and a half hours to three hours on this painting.

For Allison Prior’s first lesson of this painting check it out below.  She does a great job of going step by step for beginning painters.  She is very detailed, and the viewer is able to keep up with her.  I will definitely try and check out other paintings by her in the future.  One thing I that I struggled with in this video included the lighting, and the quality of the video was not always the best.  At some points it was difficult to tell exactly what she was doing with the paint.   This painting is divided into ten parts, so the viewer can take it slow and go back to focus on the areas that are needed.

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