Golden Glow, A Bob Ross Tribute

My Golden Glow is based on Bob Ross’s painting “Golden Glow”.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the grace of Bob Ross.  Check it out below.

Bob Ross uses oil paint and a wet on wet technique.  Just some background information, oil paint takes a long time to dry, up to a day.  Acrylic paint dries a lot quicker than oil paint, thus makes it more difficult to use a wet on wet technique.  Clive5Art uses acrylic paint but also has additional liquids, what he states is “liquid clear” to enable the paint to stay wet to work with it. I was unable to find liquid clear at Michael’s when I went to restock on paint.

I used Clive’s video once again to base my painting on. I enjoy his videos because it is clear, and to the point, and be provides different levels of paintings for the viewers.  As I did not have all the colours and supplies that Clive has, improvisation was needed.

In my painting, I was very impressed with how it turned out.  It is my favourite painting that I have done in my learning project.  Furthermore, I was able to tackle my goal of exploring iMovie and the YouTube video editor.  In my video, I decided to do a stop motion video of a picture every 30 seconds.  This allowed me to shorten my video extensively.  Through my short clip, one is able to view my painting process.  Below is the painting that I completed.



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    Your painting looks great, Curtis! I really liked the use of stop motion in your video. Is painting something that you think you will continue with after the end of your learning project?

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