Fall Woods, Easy Beginner Tutorial

Fall Woods is a painting that I did a couple weeks ago.  It is a quick painting that anyone can do.  It is another tutorial that is done by Clive5ARt.  Clive did this painting on a smaller canvas than I have. I was a little concerned as for this was going to be difficult to adapt.  However, I was able to make this my own.

Through this painting, I was able to explore painting a landscape scene without water.  I 2016-03-16 14.20.01really enjoy the paintings with water, but I wanted to make this a diverse experience.  However, my learning through this painting was using iMovie and my GoPro.  I haven’t had the opportunity to use iMovie so it was a great learning experience to learn how to use video software.  Through iMovie, I was able to speed up my painting. After uploading the 30-minute 1080p video to YouTube.  I attempted to add music to it using the free music youtube provides.  However, I struggled to attach multiple songs to the video clip.  This is something that I will continue to work with in my next art piece.

Let me know if there is anything that you would like to see in the future, or are wondering how to paint.  I can send resources or tutorials for people that want to learn how to paint.

Check out my video below:



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    Hi Curtis, Your painting looks great! I love paintings of trees, have you tried painting spruce trees? I wish I could have the patience to learn. I recently begun using iMovie during ECMP355 to demonstrate my learning project. I really enjoy the program, its simply to use and theres lots of helpful videos online if I don’t understand something.

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