Sucked into Minecraft: ECI834 Summary of Learning

It is hard to believe that this is the end of the semester and the last course of the five course I have taken from Dr. Couros. This course has broaden my understanding of the importance of connection, UX design, introduced myself to a variety of educational technology tools, and has allowed me to create and collaborate with Raquel Oberkirsch on the Treaty Education and Minecraft project. The course has allowed me to explore the possibilities of blended learning, and connecting two topics that I am passionate about, Treaty Education and Technology.

Be sure to check out mine and Raquel’s and my summary of learning video where we highlight our key learnings in a Minecraft Build, and hear from some of our guests in the class. Everything in the video was created by scratch, including the Minecraft World, the Canva Images, the effects done in Adobe After Effects, all compiled together and produced in Camtasia. We hope you enjoy our Sucked Into Minecraft Summary of Learning.

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    I didn’t really tell you how much I enjoyed this video! I think you and Raquel did a fantastic job with this project, and your teachers and students are lucky to have you as leaders in the division. I can tell how much work and attention went into your summary of learning…very impressive!

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    What an amazing video, another example to put on his greatest list! The attention to detail is fantastic, and it summarizes the class and ties your course prototype in very well. Thanks for sharing with us! It is such a great example. Good luck on your future adventures, congrats on your convocation soon!

  3. Mike Wolf


    Such a great reflection. I know the After Effects stuff is a real time killer, so props for that. I love to see you pushing out of your comfort zone. Speaking of that, I really need to get onto this Mindcraft bandwagon. Thanks for all your sharing this semester. It’s been amazing seeing the progress made on your modules.

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