ECI833: Summary of Learning

Well, it has been a great semester.  As I look back on our course objectives we were able to cover the content and learn from each other.  Throughout the course, as a class have looked into many different pieces of educational technology, challenged the ways in which we view educational technology.  We connected as a group and learned from each other and with each other.

I opted to not do a comprehensive summary of learning that composed of all the pieces of the class from start to finish.  Rather, this semester I wanted to really reflect on my key learning pieces and some of the fun and rememberable times in the class.  I reflected on my learning on the learning theories of Constructivism and Constructionism, and Connectivism.  These philosophies will continue to shape who I am as an educator and a teacher today and will drive my teaching practice in the future to provide meaningful experiences to students with educational technology.

I am grateful for the connections that I have made through the course. Especially my classmates who continue to support me and continue to push me to learn more outside of what I already know.  As well as the outside connections and the expansion of my personal learning community.  This has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone, and connect with people with who I would not normally connect.  Thank you for being a part of my learning journey.

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    I really enjoyed your video, Curtis! So many great highlights. I’m happy I got the opportunity to meet you in this class. You have a lot of great ideas to offer!
    I wasn’t able to attend your presentation live, but I watched the recording. I enjoyed the interviews you 3 included to help present your topic. Great examples in your summary!

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    I like the approach you took with your summary of learning – really highlighting what YOU learned, not just content in the class! Bravo! Great summary and thanks for sharing!

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    Hey Curtis, great summary of learning. You really do a nice job of explaining what we learned and I would recommend it to someone who would like to have a solid overview of what our class was about. I’m glad I took this journey with you and consider you a friend and I look forward to doing projects with you and going to Brandon to see Matteo in the future. I also wish you and your bride-to-be a great day (and a great future) once you two are able to make that happen 🙂

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