ECI832 Major Project Wrap Up: Curtis Bourassa EdTech Reviews

Over the course of the semester, I have created and curated a project that allowed me to explore three apps TikTok, Seesaw and Wakelet. In each of the apps, I provided an overview of the app, a look at the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, a personal review, and educational review, key features, and additional resources.

My journey started by jumping right into TikTok.  I discovered that TikTok was a great way to waste time, as it was so easy to be immersed in the short videos.  I researched the privacy policy in-depth for TikTok due to the controversy that surrounds the app.  I provided a personal review of the app, created a summary of the personal review on an infographic that I had created. For the educational review, I took research that I had found online about how educators are using the tool in the classroom setting, as well as how teachers are using it for professional growth.  I finalized the review of the app with some key features that are found within TikTok, and some additional resources with a link to a Wakelet collection of some of the articles that I have studied.

My journey with Seesaw.  Seesaw was an app that I was using prior to the course, but I was not utilizing it to the best of my ability. Again, I worked through all the parts of my project.  One of the major highlights of this project was my ability to speak to two educators and one tech coach from Texas on how they are implementing this app in their schools or school districts. I also became a Seesaw Ambassador during this semester.  This allowed me with the inside scoop of everything Seesaw, and ultimately has assisted in my support for teachers during this pandemic.  The school division has ultimately named me as the Seesaw go-to person for remote-learning.

Wakelet.  Wakelet is an app that I was using occasionally before the course.  But I did not use the app to its full potential.  I held a meeting with Dean Vendramin on how he implements Wakelet in his high school classroom.  This was the highlight of my study with Wakelet.  Dean provided many thoughtful ideas on how to implement the app in the classroom and how it is important that we use tools to curate knowledge, but also have for students to help them read laterally.

Check out the website that I have created for my final project.  Or for an overview check out the vlog that was created with Dean Vendramin and Matteo Di Muro For a quick overview of my website that I have created.


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  1. Matteo Di Muro


    Curtis, a wonderful resource and reviews you have developed here. Great work. Really glad that we had the opportunity to take 2 (and almost 3!!) courses together. We will definitely be staying in touch! To another 832 sips!!!!

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