Major Project Update: #Wakeletwave with Dean Vendramin

The past two weeks I have been working on adding to my major project.  Focusing my research around Seesaw and beginning my research with Wakelet.  Specifically, I looked at using some of my new-found knowledge of being a Seesaw Ambassador to find resources and content to add to the Overview page, and have been developing the Privacy and Terms of Service page.

Here is one of the interesting pieces of information that I had found within Seesaw’s privacy policy.  “Within the United States under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a teacher can act as a parent’s agent and provide consent on their behalf if the service is solely used in the educational context. To read more about this read COPPA and Schools.”  Although this does not directly apply to us in Canada.  I find it worrisome as teachers can provide consent on the parent’s behalf.

I also interviewed Dean this past week on how he uses and is using Wakelet in the classroom.  Check out our video interview or our podcast located below.


Some of the key takeaways from this video include the ways that Dean incorporates Wakelet into his classroom and his uses professionally.  The ability to curate resources from Twitter and save resources.  Using Wakelet as a way to store Current Events.  Students can use Wakelet as a way to supplement their work in class to highlight the resources that they have used to supplement their learning.  Students are able to work together and curate resources together.  This encourages collaboration among each other.  Wakelet also allows you to embed it with Flipgrid.  Dean also shares how he uses Wakelet as a monthly newsletter.   Be sure to check out our video to learn how to use Wakelet in the classroom.

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  1. Matteo Di Muro


    What a great collaboration! I have learned to love Wakelet… that one class when Alec said he likes to use it for presentations, versus making a power point, so you can sort of jump from topic to topic, I literally tried doing that for a presentation 2 weeks later and it was awesome. Would have never thought to do that.

    Also, love the idea of using it as a class resource and having students put their resources in there so everyone can share. That’s a great use for it. Thanks for sharing.

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