Major Learning Project Update: Vlog #1

This will be a brief update as I am going to be taking you on a tour of some of the things that I have accomplished on my Major Learning Project.  The past month has been crazy, to say the least.  Texas for an edtech conference, wedding planning, dealing with a car accident, and the Major Digital Project! The majority of my time has been collecting information.   Through research, connecting with people on Twitter, and through connections that I have made at the TCEA conference, I was in Texas.

The past couple of weeks I have focused on organizing some interviews, and have dove into exploring Seesaw. I thought that it would be in my best interest to explore Seesaw by becoming a Seesaw Ambassador.  This 3-hour course breaks down Seesaw to all the levels.  I learned more about using Seesaw to reach a global audience through the Seesaw Blog.  I am excited to explore this option as if done properly could promote an abundance of Mike Ribble’s Digital Citizenship Elements.  I will be highlighting some of the key learning pieces through becoming a Seesaw Ambassador, and I will be showing how you can become a Seesaw Ambassador as well.

I have some big plans ahead that include some videos/podcasts, some educational TikTok plans, and some Wakelet collections to share.  Be sure to check out these TikTok Tips that I have highlighted in the video below!

Check out my vlog below to see what I have been up to with my Major Digital Project.


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    I love the idea of becoming an ambassador, especially for SeeSaw. I found some real value in the way that some of the teachers that I worked with last year used SeeSaw and would love to be able to help more teachers that I support use it other than communicating with parents within the chat option. I also like how you’ve organized your project to really analyze each platform which is easy to access and use. I would love to found out how your conference was in Texas. An international conference is something I’d like to do for some professional development. Any suggestions?

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    I’d like to commend you on the work you have been undertaking on your major project. I took a bit of time to explore your ressource and I love the way it’s organized and how it presents the information. I can see this as a valuable collection of good information when looking into how these applications or tools world. Keep up the excellent work!

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    Nice resource Curtis. It looks like you are creating a valuable resource that can be used by teachers. I’d have to agree with you when say that TikTok is a “time suck.” I downloaded the app at the start of this class and have spend many hours scrolling endlessly. I find many of these video entertaining and humorous. I haven’t put much thought in to how I could use this effectively in the classroom.

    I like how you showed the Seesaw digital citizenship regarding commenting. I have participated in many projects that require students to comment and give feedback on other student’s work. Often these collaborative projects involve students from other schools. It’s often very challenging for students to generate meaningful and thoughtful feedback. I have used the 3 C’s (Compliment, Comment, Connect) and a Q (Question) format for many of these projects. This format has worked very well and teaches students to give meaninful feedback in the digital space.

    I look forward to exploring your resource further. Feel free to reach out if you need/want any feedback regarding Seesaw in the classroom.

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