Wrapping Up the Learning Project

Over the past 4 months, I have decided to learn how to code Python.  I set my goals very high, although I did not reach all of them due to the level of difficulty I did learn a lot.  In this post, I am going to highlight the successes and the struggles of my journey in learning how to code Python.


  • I spent time learning the syntax (the rules of Python) and this itself will prove to be beneficial as I will be able to Python scripts, and I will also be able to learn a little bit about other coding languages as well.
  • I have learned how to successfully log in to a website by running a Python script.  Although I could not ger my Python script to successfully complete the action of liking some #eci831 tweets I was happy to use Python to automate this process.
  • I created a text-based video game that the user had to defeat the “Monster” this was a very involved process that I was glad to see worked out in the end.
  • On my RaspberryPi, I bought a camera.  I was successfully able to take a picture with this camera and upload it block by block into Minecraft.  Although not applicable to many things I did have fun testing out my creation.
  • One of the highlights was for me to understand how to create a Graphic User Interface.  These are the actual windows that pop up on computers. I was able to create a working calculator, and I am continuing to try to create some sort of game using Python.
  • I utilized two apps to learn how to code Python, Sololearn and Py.  These apps helped me learn the syntax for coding Python


  • I really struggled with the ability to not see success right away.  Coding is a complex skill that requires problems to be broken down into small problems.  I struggled to get many components to work and got frustrated in the process.  (Reflecting on this, this process was important for me to experience as many of our learners also face these problems.
  • In my current job, it already requires a lot of screen time.  I struggled with the fact that some days after spending a large portion of the day working on the computer that I would have to come home and work on some coding.  (On reflecting, it might have been beneficial to learn how to do something more relaxing, for example, how to use my Cricut to decorate for my wedding)

Thanks for tagging along on my coding journey!

For all my Python posts check out my ECI831 Category: Learning Project 2.0.


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    I really enjoyed reading your successes and struggles. I agree that many of our students would also struggle with not seeing success right away. It is good to know that breaking it down into smaller parts would be helpful for teaching coding to our students. Also, Cricuts are awesome and I hope you learn how to use it in the future!

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