Week Two in Learning the Language of Python

This week I have focused a lot on using the apps to support me using Python.  I believe that I have learned enough of the rules/syntax of Python that I can start actually diving into coding something a little bit larger.

In the following video, I take a look at the tools that I have been using so far in my Python journey.  SoloLearn, Py, Udemy, and Arduino.

Please check out my video.  Or if you have any ideas tips, tricks that you have used to learn coding please reach out. Next week I plan on focusing on using YouTube to create some cool resources.

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  1. Matteo Di Muro


    Hey Curtis, I’ve been following your progress with Python, you are doing a great job! Sorry if I missed this, but is this your first language that you are learning? It seems like you have all the resources you need, so, keep on trucking!

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