Week 3: My First In-depth Program, the Twitter-Bot

This week I spent the majority of my time using Sololearn and Py to further my knowledge of Python.  However, I did end up finding a YouTube video that walks through how to create a Twitter-Bot.  This Twitter-Bot’s goal was to look up a hashtag, like tweets in order to gain followers.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ovFudqFB0Q]

Talk about digital citizenship…

I thought it was kind of a cool idea at first, but after reflecting on it for a minute I thought that this ties into my previous post titled, The Ups and Downs of Social Media in the Life of Me.  This creation that I attempted to complete in the following video was aiming to create a larger Twitter following, which feeds into the narrative that more Twitter followers the better, more popular, etc.  Near the end of the video, the creator also said that many people do this and sell it to people to become an Instagram Influencer.  This provided me with a lot to think about.

My creation

I went ahead to see if I could get this Twitter-Bot to work for myself.  Needless to say, part of it worked and part of it didn’t.  This is perfectly okay, as I am not sure about where Twitter stands on using automation in Twitter (it is probably not very popular).

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVShfQ8wfY0&w=560&h=315] 

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  1. Dean Vendramin


    Love your work on this. Maybe that’s why a few of my posts got likes haha. You have really embraced the coding attitude (something I can relate to and totally appreciate your journey). Thanks for sharing your adventure look forward to learning more from you.

  2. Reply

    Thanks for the update on your learning progress. I have always heard about Twitter bots but never really understood how they worked, thanks for sharing the video and your experience. I don’t understand much about coding so I look forward to following your journey.

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