ECI831 Summary of Learning

Well everyone, this is ONE graduate class down.  In my Summary of Learning, I decided to tackle many different tools.  These tools did provide me with quite the challenge of editing them within the video editor, I always forget the amount of effort that goes into editing a video! (Well over 10+ hours of editing, and creating)  Please enjoy my Summary of Learning!

[youtube]If the above video was too long or not to your liking, please refer to The Summary of “the Summary of Learning” below.

[youtube]In the video, I used the following tools

Some of my Learning within the Course:

  • The development of a culture of sharing
  • The importance of blogging as a form of reflection for our education practice.
  • The ability to connect and develop a Personal Learning Network (PLN).
  • Participation in Twitter Chats, (#Saskedchat, #ditchbook, etc.)
  • Learning about Social Media from the past and how it impacts us as educators today, and how we teach students citizenship skills in a digital media world.
  • Open Education Resources and the broader Open Educational Practices explained in the summary of learning.
  • The experience of learning something through online means, and the process of which learners go through.  (The frustration, the failing, and the learning!)
  • Understanding the impact of Social Activism, and the modeling for students to become personally responsible citizens, participatory citizens, and social justice orientated citizens.

Thank you Alec Couros for facilitating our class discussions, and thank you to a great group of colleagues that have made my first graduate class a great experience!

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  1. Reply

    Well done, my friend! The white board portions are my favourite and I really enjoyed how seamless your video editing was. Please teach me your ways! 😊
    Thanks for being an important part of my #PLN this semester! I look forward to continue learning with you during our PLC.

  2. Dean Vendramin


    Loved the Tik Tok (so well done). Your video was on the mark too. You have a lot of skills and knowledge to share. Your division is lucky to have you champion meaningful and successful technology integration. I am happy you are part of my PLN and look forward to working with you more in the future.

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