Summary of Learning for ECI830

It is hard to believe that another class has come and gone.  This semester has been one with plenty of sharing, learning, and debating.  I am grateful for the knowledge of my classmates, and Alec who has guided us through many of the difficult conversations that were had.  Thank you all for being a part of my learning.

For my summary of learning, I decided to use WeVideo as a tool. A tool that I have never used, but was eager to try after watching many excellent videos from classmates.  In my video, I feature my 7 key learnings from the class through personal reflections, the debate videos, and some recommended viewings.



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    Oh, Curtis… you brought a smile to my face and chills up my spine… You truly are a thoughtful, engaging learner and educator… Thank you so much for always being patient and teaching this old dog new tricks! This is amazing and so are you!

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    Hey podcast partner this is great. That’s a lot of work to edit for sure. Glad you found the podcast with Ben informative and glad you shared that. I agree with the positive integration of social media is important. Great SOL thanks my friend.

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