Being a part of a community is very important to me.  I love giving back to the community and helping out as much as I can.

Working with our EAL Community


In Ogema, Saskatchewan I was very involved with our small curling community.  The past two years we have paired up with the local EAL class to provide them the opportunity to learn about curling.

The Family Place

Being a part of The Family Place is one of the main reasons I have chosen the career that I have.  I have grown up going to The Family Place, I have volunteered at The Family Place, and I have worked at The Family Place.  It is truly one of the hidden gems in Weyburn. It is an amazing organization.

Education Student Society

The Education Student Society has allowed me to be a community member at the University of Regina.  I am a social representative.  My job is to plan social events for the faculty in the education program.

ESS logo



Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program

Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program has provided me with the opportunity to support and spend time with individuals who need a mentor.  The program is one of the reasons that inspired me into becoming a teacher.


Paul Dojack Youth Center

Volunteering at the Paul Dojack Youth Center was an eye-opening experience for me.  Growing up in a small community in Saskatchewan had me left me oblivious to my own privilege that I had grown up in.  The students here taught me the connection between rehabilitation and education.  The students here were engaged in their learning, as they were able to work at their own pace.



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