Feedly? What’s That?

Feedly, must be a site for recipes. Nope! When we were asked to download a RSS reader, Feedly was recommended to us.  Feedly allows me to save sources of education-related material, video game material, news articles, all in one site. Wow, what a deal!  But here is the trouble, I need to find credible sources

A Bit About Curtis

For those of you who don’t know me I am Curtis Bourassa, I am currently in my last semester of the education program at the University of Regina.  I am excited to be almost done my teacher program and start teaching in the real world.   Some of my interests include playing slow pitch, hockey,

Educating Students to be Good Citizens

According to the article Political Education and Citizenship: Teaching for Civic Engagement by Ken Osborne.  Osborne in the article states, “Schools have largely succeeded in educating children to be good people but have been much less successful in turning them into good citizens”.  To understand what the difference between a good person and a good

Classroom Management Response

In the articles “The Great Respect Deception” & “ Inner-Ninja: Using ClassDojo for Classroom Management” have given me guidelines and options for classroom management in the classroom. I think the Edutopia article talks about some very good points. I think that our classrooms do glorify the idea that we only have simple rules in the

Reflection Seven: Golden Ball

Today I taught a physical education lesson. I must say that it went much better then my first physical education lesson. That being said I believe that my lesson could have been a lot better. The students have physical education right after recess, however it was an indoor recess and as a result some of