Standardized Testing

The use of standardized testing to me is a very unfair way to test students on academic achievement.  This is because of the variety of ways students learn.  Teacher Joe will teach the curriculum different than teacher Bob.  As a result the students will have different results because of the many different styles the teachers

Autobiography Response

What hidden messages are now visible to you in what you could offer as your autobiography? For example, what does it mean that you did not address your gender, or your sexuality or your racialization as important or constitutive of your identity? Take Kumashiro seriously – “We need to be examining our lessons and lenses,


How might the changing nature of learning and the increased prevalence of technology be related to social justice and anti-oppressive education? What is made possible/impossible by these tools and this type of learning? As teachers we can link the use of technology with social justice and anti-oppressive eduction.  With advancement of technology we are able

Claire Kreuger’s Presentation

Claire brought up and addressed many points in her presentation of how to incorporate First Nations content into the classrooms.  There are three reasons why we have to include Treaty Education. Its our job. Students value it. Its about making relationships She also said how it is difficult to teach and to begin because Treaty

What is an Alternative School

    The Cornwall Alternative School is alternative because it only deals with students who are not being successful in other school setting.  Being 95% of the school population being First Nations I think students in this learning environment will have an impact as to try to include First Nations culture everyday in the classroom.  Students