Project-Based Learning

In our ECS301 class, we dived into a project based learning unit being done at Mother Teresa Middle School in Regina. We based our lesson on what the two intern teachers did at Mother Teresa. The students noticed that there was an abundance of crab apples going to waste and they wanted to do something

Learning From Our Students

Response to the reading – Write a response to the following (2 or 3 paragraphs): What do you agree/disagree with in this article?  What ideas resonated with you? What ideas did you find troublesome?  How does this article support/contradict your existing philosophy of teaching? Bring your response in a digital format. Noddings does mention many

Beliefs and Challenges of Assessment

In my experience in school we had a variety of different assessments, whether we knew we were being assessed or not. Journals, tests, oral examples, homework checks, etc. were all common forms of assessment. However, I see now that a lot of emphasis was but on to the tests. Prior to these articles I thought