Life’s A Beach

Well, painting. Sorry, I haven’t been posting about my painting progress.  A bit of a recap.  My goal for the semester is to complete about eight paintings.  So far I’m just over halfway.  My most recent painting was of a beach scene.  Needless to say, not overly impressed with how this one turned out.  I

Using Twitter for #socialactivism

People use social media for a variety of different reasons.  Keeping in touch with family, friends, or simply to avoid awkward situations such as avoiding the BMO people offering me a credit card.  However, social media is becoming more and more prominent in promoting social activism.  An article by HuffingtonPost promotes Twitter as a tool that

Why Reconciliation is Important

On February 24th, we had the opportunity to listen to Justice Sinclair speak at the University of Regina.  It was a “sold out show” that was free to attend.  As an educator, I believe it is important that we take a lead role to move forward through reconciliation. “The truth is hard but reconciliation is harder”

Experiencing Ways of Knowing

Throughout this week, I began to think about my experiences with Indigenous culture throughout my life, in my schooling, and throughout my time at university.  I have had very limited experience being exposed to another culture in my schooling.  My experience of learning about First Nations culture was very narrow.  We learned about the “feather

Project-Based Learning

One of my goals for ECMP355 is to develop my personal learning network and to participate on Twitter Chats.  Sadly, I have a night class during #Saskedchat.  Compromise was needed.  On January 31st, I participated and followed along with #bcedchat.  The topic that was being discussed was project-based learning.  I have heard project-based learning in

Effective Shade

I couldn’t come up with a name.  But, thank god for the internet.  There is abstract art name generator.  Needless to say it spit out, the title “Effective Shade” and I said good enough! For this beautiful nighttime scene I followed a tutorial by Clive5art.  This guy makes it look easy.  Well… It isn’t easy.