Treaty Ed and Minecraft Course Walkthrough & Reflections on Creation Process

*This post has been cross-posted with Raquel Oberkirsch. This post will provide an overview of the Treaty Education and Minecraft Course we created for Grade 6-8 students in Saskatchewan. First off, check out our course walkthrough video:  We co-wrote several blog posts that document various aspects of the creation process. You can check them out here:  Course Profile – Using Minecraft to (Literally)

Building Meaningful Interactions In-Person, Online, and in Minecraft

*This post has been cross-posted with Raquel Oberkirsch. We are currently exploring the Treaty relationship using Minecraft Education Edition in three different classrooms. The classes are on either Lesson 4 or 5 in our learning plan, where they are working in groups to build something that represents two reasons First Nations peoples wanted to make Treaties. Student-to-Student Interactions

A Better User Experience with UX Design

This week I decided to learn a bit more about UX Design. UX design stands for User Design Theory. UX Design revolves around users’ experience interacting with the product and being intuitively designed. After having the opportunity to hear from Dr. John Spencer, I looked up John’s blog post 7 ways UX Design Theory Transformed

Blended Learning and Online Learning with Special Guests: Dean Vendramin, Matteo Di Muro, and Daniel Dion

Personal Experience with Online and Blended Learning Looking and reflecting on my role back in March 2020 and the switch from face-to-face instruction to emergency remote teaching, was chaotic and stressful.  As an Instructional Technology consultant whose position is to support teachers with implementing technology in the classroom, I knew from the announcement of school

A Bit About Me, Curtis Bourassa

I am a white settler currently living and working on Treaty 4 land in southeastern Saskatchewan. I grew up in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, where I went to school, and then moved to Regina to take my undergrad in Education to focus on middle years.  After my degree, I moved to the small rural town of Ogema,