ECI833: Summary of Learning

Well, it has been a great semester.  As I look back on our course objectives we were able to cover the content and learn from each other.  Throughout the course, as a class have looked into many different pieces of educational technology, challenged the ways in which we view educational technology.  We connected as a

Assistive Technologies, UDL, and the Challenges

Assistive technology has the opportunity to open doors for many people. According to McMahon and Walker: “For most people technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, however, technology makes things possible.” As the Assistive Technology group explored, assistive technology can be labelled as  Low Tech, Mid Tech and High Tech.  This was a great

Is Multi-Tasking Saving You Time?

This week I am able to reflect on the YouTube video Single-tasking Is the New Multitasking and answer the question: Is the Internet really a productivity tool or merely an endless series of distractions?  I feel like Alec has provided this blog post directly to me. The video provides some insight into how my brain often

Did Sesame Street Ruin Education?

“…We now know that ‘Sesame Street’ encourages children to love school only if school is like ‘Sesame Street.’ Which is to say, we now know that ‘Sesame Street’ undermines what the traditional idea of schooling represents.” – Neil Postman In this blogpost, we are going to unpack the controversial statement made by Postman about Sesame

Learning Philosophies Then and Now

This past week we discussed various learning philosophies.  I have not done a lot of learning about learning philosophies since my undergrad.  This was an excellent time to reflect on the question: Which theories of knowledge, and/or learning underpin my own teaching philosophy and classroom practice. As well as,  how have these beliefs shifted or