ECI831 Summary of Learning

Well everyone, this is ONE graduate class down.  In my Summary of Learning, I decided to tackle many different tools.  These tools did provide me with quite the challenge of editing them within the video editor, I always forget the amount of effort that goes into editing a video! (Well over 10+ hours of editing,

Social Activism: What do you Have to Risk?

What is Social Activism? Activism.  According to Anjali Appadurai’s Ted Talk: What is Activism? They define activism as: “The practice of addressing an issue, by challenging those in power. It is an act done by civil society directed towards a system of governance.” In addition, according to Shahla Ghobadi, an assistant professor from the University of

Week 5: Minecraft Selfies

This week in my learning project I decided to use a Raspberry Pi.  A  Raspberry Pi is a small computer that promotes teaching basic computer science in schools. [youtube] This has been my first project with the Raspberry Pi.   There are numerous tutorials online that will work through how to code using a variety