Week 6 Reflection: Supporting All Our Learners

Shelley Moore This past week we had the opportunity to listen to Shelley Moore’s TED Talk, and her story about Daniel. The message of the video emphasizes the importance of presuming competence within our students. We need to trust that our students are competent learners and that they can learn. The student that Shelley was

Week 5 Reflection: Gender and Sexual Diversity

Since our last class, we had the opportunity to attend a gender and sexual diversity workshop put on by URpride called “Building Positive Spaces for Gender and Sexually Diverse Students.”  As a cisgender, straight male, I have not experienced oppression based on my gender and sexual orientation.  However, teaching and growing up in rural Saskatchewan,

Week 4: Gender Inclusivity

This week the articles read were Welcoming Gender Diversity in the Early Years by Timmons and Airton, Can We Learn Queerly?: Normativity and Social Justice Pedagogies by Loutzenheiser, and lastly the section on The Gender Politics of Curriculum Reform by Pinar. Reading the work of Timmons and Airton highlighted the responsibility that early childhood educators

Blended Learning and Online Learning with Special Guests: Dean Vendramin, Matteo Di Muro, and Daniel Dion

Personal Experience with Online and Blended Learning Looking and reflecting on my role back in March 2020 and the switch from face-to-face instruction to emergency remote teaching, was chaotic and stressful.  As an Instructional Technology consultant whose position is to support teachers with implementing technology in the classroom, I knew from the announcement of school

Week 2: Curriculum and Connection to the Land

We Are All Treaty People Cynthia Chamber’s article, “We Are All Treaty People”: The Contemporary Countenance of Canadian Curriculum Studies explores her family’s connection to the land, impact on the land, and the perpetuation of colonialism.  The past semester, I took a class on culturally relevant pedagogy that really focused on the importance of the

A Bit About Me, Curtis Bourassa

I am a white settler currently living and working on Treaty 4 land in southeastern Saskatchewan. I grew up in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, where I went to school, and then moved to Regina to take my undergrad in Education to focus on middle years.  After my degree, I moved to the small rural town of Ogema,