Summary of Learning in ECMP355

Well, as the ECMP355 comes to a close I find myself reflecting on the knowledge I have gained through the course.  In my summary of learning, I talk about the importance of digital citizenship, the uses of social media, and the highlights of the course.  Most importantly, I believe it is important to think and talk about how my learning in this class will transfer over into the classroom.  As you will see there was so much to talk about in my final post that I had to expand the time limit a fair bit.

I enjoyed creating this summary of learning, and although it isn’t as creative as myself singing a parody,  I am able to deeply go into my learning and explore many different tools to create my final video.  The amount of time spent playing with the tools, compiling and editing this video has taken numerous hours but has allowed me to explore programs and tools that I can use in my classroom.

Check it out!

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