Why Reconciliation is Important

On February 24th, we had the opportunity to listen to Justice Sinclair speak at the University of Regina.  It was a “sold out show” that was free to attend.  As an educator, I believe it is important that we take a lead role to move forward through reconciliation.

What I can do to as a teacher is develop culturally appropriate teaching materials and follow through with teaching treaty education.  In my own personal schooling, I did not have an authentic experience of treaty education.  I think that Ryan McKillop makes an excellent point in his blogpost.  He states, “the issues is not whether you attend school in an urban or rural setting.  Instead, the issue is whether or not teachers take the time to educate themselves and access outside resources, such as elders, that can help assist with the learning.”  Teachers have to continue to grow in their own knowledge in order to provide authentic learning opportunities for reconciliation and treaty education.  Growing up in Weyburn, I did not get the opportunities in treaty education.  I believe this is a major flaw of my schooling.  I believe that since students did not receive treaty education they are furthermore going to perpetuate the stereotypes and challenges facing Indigenous people. One thing that is important is to provide rural and city locations. This is why I believe this tweet below is so important.

Treaty education is important to all students, not just First Nations students.

Canada is a collective.  We have a collection of experiences.  For us to move forward we need to honour and recognize the experiences and the traditions of Indigenous people.  Reconciliation starts with education.

I think that when Justice Sinclair gave this analogy it was clear that teachers are at the forefront. It is important to teachers that we start to plant this tree.  Right now we are being selfish, we need to have put this behind and move forward for the betterment of Canada, and all people in our country.

One thought on “Why Reconciliation is Important

  1. Hey thanks for using one of my tweets! Really great post about Treaty Education. I am just sitting down to write my own blog about it. I found I put it off for so long because there is so much to cover. I think you did a good job on touching on quite a few different aspects of it!

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