Project-Based Learning

One of my goals for ECMP355 is to develop my personal learning network and to participate on Twitter Chats.  Sadly, I have a night class during #Saskedchat.  Compromise was needed.  On January 31st, I participated and followed along with #bcedchat.  The topic that was being discussed was project-based learning.  I have heard project-based learning in a class that I was taking in my second year, and I think it fell off the radar after that.  I was excited and interested to get more information on project-based learning.

Here is a couple of ways how we defined project-based learning on Twitter.

“The actual definition of project-based learning is a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge.” – Edutopia.

The nice thing about PBL (Project-Based Learning) is that it is a form of differentiated instruction just by its design. PBL is student-centered, and student-driven.  Wow! Sounds great, 21st Century Teaching at its finest. Students create something that demonstrates their learning.  They learn through trial and error.  An example of project based learning is below.

It is a very similar approach to inquiry-based learning. Project-based learning focuses on the development of the product or creation, whereas inquiry focuses on the critical thinking and problem solving.

Have you implemented PBL in your teaching?  What advice do you have?  What were your experiences through PBL?

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