Reflection Three: Treaty Education and Volleyball

Today went over very well in my opinion. I was able to teach a small lesson on treaty education today because of the fact that the students had a volleyball tournament at Sheldon High School in the afternoon. In my lesson I thought that everything went over fairly well. Students we mostly on task, and attentive during my entire lesson, which is a major step-up from last week. My students loved my graffiti wall idea in which I had them come up to the board and write ideas on what they thought treaties are. I was very impressed of what they knew as the students stated that they last forever, and that was one of the major points I wanted to make in my lesson.

Some of the things that could have gone better mostly includes my development. I had a wonderful idea to do a stepping line activity which if the students agreed with what I was saying they would step above the line. I found that the transition to this activity allowed students to continue to chatter. Furthermore, once I got started with the activity students were still talking over me. I feel as I need to recognize this and as my co-op teacher stated, “wait for them to be done talking,”. This will be one of my goals for next week.

One thing I recognized this week is how difficult it is to make sure you are differentiating for all students. In my classroom there are a couple students I wished I would have differentiated the worksheets I gave to the class. I think it is important that as pre-interns we think about how we can differientiate students learning experiences now as we will definiately have to do this in our three week block next semester.

Apart from my lesson I enjoyed my day, Ms. Kadler and I acted as substitute coaches for the girls volleyball team and had a lot of fun trying to figure out what to do and how to get everyone organized.

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