Learning From Our Students

Response to the reading – Write a response to the following (2 or 3 paragraphs): What do you agree/disagree with in this article?  What ideas resonated with you? What ideas did you find troublesome?  How does this article support/contradict your existing philosophy of teaching? Bring your response in a digital format.

Noddings does mention many good points.  I fully agree with him on the point that by going with the minimal requirements on a planned vocation.  The student will have other opportunities to pursue real life interests  For example, myself in high school, I took all my math classes, and all three of my sciences.  I was told this will keep my options open.  At that time I already knew I was going to be a teacher.  Therefore, I know figured that I could have taken a trades class such as automotives to gain some alternative life experience that would have been beneficial to me outside of high school.

One thing that bothered me was the idea that we set standards for students and we assure students they will obtain these standards. The example Noddings uses is, “Can all students interpret great literature? Can all students play the violin well?”.  I think that all students can learn, some at different rates, and in different ways.  A student will not become a master of the violin the first time they play it.  Yes, some students will learn at different paces. But we have to be aware of differentiated instruction to find those ways of teaching.  There is no such thing as a unteachable student.

I feel as this article both supported and contradicted my philosophy of teaching in the following ways.  For example, it agrees in the way that we both believe that grades are not everything.  There is too much pressure on receiving high grades.  In my teaching I am going to try and break down the wall, that good grades, does not necessarily mean, good job, good money leading to happiness.  Yet the main contradiction is the idea is that some students are born in the way that they are superior at some things than others.  As I believe that all students are capable of learning at different rates, and by different styles.

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