Reflection Two: Physical Education

October 22nd, 2014

Day 2 at Davin Elementary School

I taught my first actual lesson plan today. I decided to do my lesson plan in physical education. I thought overall the lesson went good, and that I attempted to make cardiovascular fitness fun. One thing that I believe went very well today was my set. For my set the grade 8s were in the classroom. I asked a lot of prompting questions that the students were able to guess. I asked questions such as, “Where do we check our pulse? What is cardiovascular fitness? Why is it important that we measure our heart rate? What raises our heart rate? As well as, why do we not use our thumbs to take our heart rate?” The students were very engaged and answered all my questions.

Once we went down into the gym things got a little confusing and students were everywhere. Once I got the students settled down and sitting in a circle we went over instructions for our warm-up activity. I noticed that the students were very confused with the activity that I had wanted them to do. I received lots of confused looks and blank stares. This is because I believe my instructions were unclear. I also struggled with classroom management in the gym. I found that some of the students did not want to pay attention to me and I had to ask several times for them to settle down and listen to the instructions. A couple students proceeded to give each other piggybacks until I went up to both of them and told the boys to sit at the circle.

I also struggled with the time management. Leading up to my closure I did not think I was going to have enough time to go through my closure activity. This caused me to panic and I rushed through my 3-2-1 activity. As a result I was done my lesson 4 minutes early. These four minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but the class is only 33 minutes long. I probably did what I was not suppose to do and dismissed them 4 minutes early.

From teaching this lesson something I would change is to have detailed written instructions on the lesson for my warm-up activity. I would also pause everyone if they were confused about what was going on and go over the instructions once more. I wished that I had a bit more time because I would have went into why heart rate is important and why we measure it.

Through this lesson I learned that students often have trouble staying focused when they move from classroom to gym. I had to tell students multiple times to get into the circle. I also learned that it is extremely difficult to get everyone moving and participating in different activities.

From my teaching day I generated the question dealing with classroom management. Classroom management is one of my overall goals in the pre-internship experience. Answers I get from you I will incorporate into my next lesson plans.

  • What are some good effective ways to get students attention in the gym or in the classroom?
  • What worked best for you?

2 thoughts on “Reflection Two: Physical Education

  1. Curtis, thanks for posting your reflections. I am afraid to teach physical education for exactly the reasons you noted but I know these fears can be confronted. Very ambitious of you to confront these fears early on. Would it have helped to have discussed expectations for behaviour in the gym before you left the classroom? What a whistle have helped? What about a board like Ms. Fowler has with the exercises printed on it (I realize this is not always available)? I am grasping for straws. Better luck next time! Anything you learn, please pass on to the rest of us!

  2. I appreciate your honesty regarding your lesson, Curtis! Even though we have been at university for more than two years, we have not really had true teaching experiences until now. I know I had to remind myself of this and try to focus on the things that went well. Hope you continue to learn a lot in your pre-internship! 🙂

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